Gian Marco Sanna (Rome, 1993)
Curator Discarded Magazine
Co-founder of L.I.S.A.

From 2012 to 2015 he has studied at the Roman School of Photography in Rome, where he has acquired the techniques from analogue to digital photography.
In 2015 he started to attend the D.O.O.R. Academy, experimenting with documentary photography.
From 2015 to 2017 he has worked in the area of Malagrotta in Rome, where the biggest dump in Europe is located.
In 2016 he founded L.I.S.A. collective.
In 2017 the publishing house Urbanautica printed his first book Malagrotta, which was presented during the Paris Photo at Mi Galerie in Paris and at Fotofever in 2019. The same project was also exhibited in Rome at 001 Gallery, during the Roman photographic walks, an event organized by MIBACT, at the Gallery Lombardi Arte in Siena, at the RiBella Art gallery in Viterbo during Caffeina Event and at Officine fotografiche in Milan.
Malagrotta project was also the winner of the Bi foto Prize, which is held every year in Sardinia, and the finalist of Premio Marco Pesaresi 2018, Premio Voglino 2018 and of Emerging Talents Contest in 2018.

In September 2019 he published “AGARTHI” with the publisher Penisola Edizioni his second work about Lake Bolsena on which he had worked on for the past five years. The project had already been exhibited at Grenze Arsenali Fotografici Festival 2019 in Verona, at Cascina Farsetti Art in Rome, at Parallel Voices 2020 in Greece and at the Gibellina PhotoRoad in Sicily.
Two of Gian Marco Sanna’s prints have been selected to become part of the collection of Fondazione Orestiadi in Gibellina.
AGARTHI win the Parallel Voices 2020 at Photometria Festival in Greece.
Gian Marco has worked on many assignments for many magazines of documentary photography, including Youthies magazine and SUQ magazine.

Gian Marco Sanna
December 8th,1993
Contacts :
Social media: IG: gian_marco_sanna / FB: Gian Marco Sanna

2012 - 2015 Roman School of Photography
2015 - 2016 D.O.O.R. Academy

2016 - Co- founder L.I.S.A. collective
2020 - Curator Discarded Magazine

2019 - AGARTHI book published by Penisola Edizioni
2017 - MALAGROTTA book published by Urbanautica
2018 - LISAZINE - But I Love You
2017 - LISAZINE - The City of Snow

PARADISE - (Exhibition) SIILK Gallery in Rome
AGARTHI - (Solo Exhibition) Bolsena's Lake festival
PARADISE - (Solo Exhibition) Kromart Gallery in Rome
AGARTHI - (Exhibition) Prague Photo festival
AGARTHI - (Exhibition) Slovak Union of Visual Arts Bratislava
AGARTHI - (Exhibition) MIA fair Milano
PARADISE - (Exhibition) C-Type Gallery Bangkok
AGARTHI - (Exhibition) Parallel Voices in Greece
AGARTHI - (Solo Exhibition) Collettivo 42 in Viterbo
Talk and book signing at Meshroom Photo in Pescara
AGARTHI - (Solo Exhibition) Gibellina Photoroad in Sicily
MALAGROTTA - (Exhibition) Gallery Tiepolo 38 in Rome
AGARTHI - (Exhibition) Grenze Arsenali Fotografici in Verona
Talk and book signing at Officine fotografiche in Rome
Talk at Yogurt magazine & the Paper Room in Rome
AGARTHI - (Solo Exhibition) Cascina Farsetti Art in Rome
Talk and book signing at Fotofever in Paris
MALAGROTTA - (Exhibition and book signing) Gallery Lombardi Arte in Siena
MALAGROTTA - (Exhibition and book signing) RiBella Art gallery in Viterbo
MALAGROTTA - (Exhibition) Bi Foto festival in Sardinia
MALAGROTTA - (Exhibition) Marmirolo Photo Fest in Mantova
Talk and book signings at Officine fotografiche in Milan
Book signings at Fotografia Europea in Reggio Emilia with Urbanautica
MALAGROTTA - (Talk and book signing) Mi Galerie - Paris Photo
MALAGROTTA - (Solo Exhibition) 001 Gallery in Rome

2022 - L'Espresso n.26
2022 - Artribune
2022 - GUP Magazine
2022 - Fisheye Magazine
2022 - SUQ Magazine n.6
2021 - Perimetro
2021 - Perimetro Roma n.2
2021 - Spector Books - The Earth is an Architecture
2021 - C-Type Mag Bangkok
2021 - BAD Magazine
2021 - Penisola Edizioni
2021 - Bird in Flight Magazine
2021 - FLOAT Magazine
2020 - SUQ Magazine n.5
2020 - Youthies Magazine n.2 - 3
2020 - IL FOTOGRAFO n.326
2020 - Urbanautica
2020 - C41 Magazine
2020 - Parallel Voices
2020 - Phases Magazine
2020 - Grandmama's Mag
2020 - Clavoardiendo Magazine
2019 - Bird in Flight
2019 - Urbanautica
2019 - Foto Room
2019 - Gibellina Photoroad
2019 -
2019 - C-Type Magazine
2018 - Gup Magazine
2018 - Treebooks
2018 - FP Mag
2018 - Phroom
2018 - Float Magazine
2018 - Fotofever
2018 - Phases Magazine
2018 - IL FOTOGRAFO n.306
2017 - ARTPIL
2017 - Bangkok C-Type magazine
2017 - Urbanautica
2017 - Artribune

2022 - SUQ Magazine n.6
2021 - Perimetro Roma
2021 - Spector Books - The Earth is an Architecture
2020 - SUQ Magazine n.5
2020 - Youthies Magazine n.3
2020 - Palazzo Rasponi Cat. CAMERA WORK/OFF
2020 - IL FOTOGRAFO n.326
2020 - Collettivo 42 Magazine
2020 - Urbanautica Cat. SACRED
2019 - Urbanautica Cat. EXTINCTION
2019 - Youthies Magazine n.2
2019 - Cat. Gibellina Photoroad
2018 - IL FOTOGRAFO n.306

Fondazione Orestiadi in Gibellina - Sicily

Gomma Grant 2021 - finalist
MIA Fair Milano - New Post Photography Award - winner
Ctype Mag Bangkok Gallery - winner
Parallel Voices 2020 Greece - winner
Premio Marco Pesaresi, SIFEST 2018 - finalist
Bi Foto Prize, International festival of photography in Sardinia - winner
Premio Voglino 2018 - finalist
Grenze Arsenali Verona - winner
Emerging Talents Contest 2018 - finalist




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